While there are tons of statistics about COVID-19, no-one really knows what happens when a nation slows, distances each other, and functions at an almost life-support level.  If you have a small business, the best thing is to HOLD ON!

The sweeping change from a thriving economy to near shut-down status, in a period of three weeks, shocks the system.  For me, it was a hard knot in the pit of my stomach, more than once as the news rolled in about the pandemic.  My 91-year-old mom put things into perspective for me.  She said, “I have lived through polio, smallpox and flu epidemics.  Pam, you will get through this!”

This no-nonsense perspective has allowed me to re-focus and shift attention to find solutions to keep my business running remotely.  The largest part of running a business remotely are the programs that you use together.  The term “tech stack” is normally used when talking about a combination of software products and programming languages used to create web or mobile applications.  However, at Over Fifty Business Life, we have taken this term and redefined it as “BizTech Stacking” which is using a combination of readily available software products to run a business virtually.

In the next few weeks, we will be reviewing products that stack together well for business and offering tips and shortcuts for managing them.