On-Line Tutoring as a Sideline Business

COVID19 has sucker-punched the educational model. Do students return to school or learn on-line? What is safe? What is effective? Opinions are as varied as there are individuals. However, no matter what your personal feelings are about what the “new normal” education model should be, an opportunity exists for on-line tutoring.

Here are some tips for becoming a successful on-line tutor.

An article in Wikihow, outlines the steps to setting up a tutoring business. Step 6 of the article discusses a location. While you can still run a business in a physical location, In today’s COVID19 world, the safest way to start a tutoring business is online. For that reason, it is recommended that you create a virtual space to tutor. There are many programs available. Some are free and others are at cost. Elearningindustry.com lists many of the programs and has a comparison area, that may be helpful.