The New Normal – Part I


The restrictions are finally being lifted and businesses are opening! I was so excited when the text from my hair salon arrived, giving me the appointment time. The New Normal, as of today, will take getting used to. What was my experience?

At the Hair Salon:

I drove to the hairdresser and texted that I had arrived.

I put on my mask and got ready to go in.

Shirley (pseudo name for my hairdresser) unlocked the door and came to the car.

We went into the Salon; the door was locked behind us.

I went into the bathroom and washed my hands.

I was one of two people in the Salon.

We chatted some, but the normal camaraderie is hard to establish speaking through a mask.

For the next hour or so, my hair was colored and cut. If your hairdresser is anything like mine, I had DREADED telling her I colored my own hair during the Shelter at Home phase and had accidentally chosen the wrong color. Shirley was understanding and set about correcting my very dark brown hair. Part of the coloring process is to sit under a dryer. The dryers are in a separate room. One dryer was active; the remaining three were pushed to the side. I sat under the dryer; there were no magazines to read as there normally are.  All the time, my mask was on.

Next, came the hair trim. Shirley looked at my do-it-yourself bang trim ….a challenge when you need reading glasses to see! The expression, at least what I could tell as her mask was a full version, was one of disbelief. Shirley told me there were many varying lengths,and it will take a few trims to get it back to normal.

Because blow drying is not allowed, my hair was towel dried and not styled.

I washed my hands before leaving and was escorted out the door; the door was locked behind me.

I left the salon grateful for the cut and color but missing that great feeling you have when your hair is styled.